Hi! I'm Lara, a writer, author and lifestyle journalist.

MA Arts and Lifestyle Journalism graduate (Distinction) from UAL, based in London. I write about health, wellness, culture, mental health and love & relationships. I've recently written for MetroUK and Dazed Digital and am available for both feature and first-person commissions.

I'm passionate about creating space for raw and authentic conversation by covering "taboo" topics - like loneliness as a young adult, growth after the loss of a loved one, and the pressures of diet culture. I'm fascinated by the latest cultural trends, phenomena and research around the mental health of generations to come in the ever-evolving world of technology and social media.

A Bit More About Me

As an identical twin, I've always been introspective and curious in what makes each human being unique. For years I expressed what I learnt about myself, others and the world around me abstractly through visual art, graduating with a Fine Art BA (Hons) in 2019 from Falmouth University.

In September 2020, I experienced the loss of a close family member. Although I'd always dabbled in blog writing, I discovered how healing writing first-person stories that may help others in a similar situation was for me was for my grieving journey. From here, I published my first book, a Guided Grief Journal - From Prognosis to Peace: Navigating Grief Through Gratitude, Discovery and Healing.

In December 2023, I graduated from UAL with a MA in Arts & Lifestyle Journalism - where I learnt the art of journalistic storytelling to write about the lives of others. Whilst studying, I was commissioned to write features for Dazed Digital and MetroUK. During my degree, I also set up The Lonely Club - an online community intended to tackle the loneliness epidemic in the UK. 

"I'm trying with all my heart to write the stories I need to hear, the stories younger me needed like air".

Mishka Hoosen, author of Call It a Difficult Night